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James Turnbull - works in Outside, Hathersage and climbs a lot...Trad and Winter

I am not the best climber in the world but I’m defiantly keen. Every spare second is spent climbing. Nearly all of that time is spent trad climbing too. I enjoy and bit of sport and bouldering but it doesn’t feel like “real” climbing, trad and winter is where it’s at for me. I also really like going for it, probably half the time trying things above my grade (as long as its steep with gear!) which means I fall off a lot!

I think this is why Si (beta climbing designs) asked if I would like to test a couple of Sterling ropes in payment for some feedback. “Who is the heaviest person I know who falls off a lot? Ah James can try them!” I’m sure working in a gear shop helps too, working with ropes all the time....


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