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Charlie Woodburn

Charlie's been a regular on the British trad scene for a while now. Probably best well known for his hard headpoints he has also onsighted or climbed ground up over 50 routes of E6 or E7. On the sport climbing side he has redpointed up to 8b+ and onsighted several 8a's. Always on the lookout for hard and interesting new routes, he has put up a few classic lines such as San Simian E8 6c in Pembroke, Harder Faster E9 6c at Black Rocks and the recent Something's Burning E9 7a also at Pembroke. He has also ventured further afield to places like Cuba and Nigeria to establish new and unusual lines. The latter trip culminating in the 10 pitch 5.11c Stupid White Men, climbed in 40 degree heat!

Here's a list of some of Charlie's ascents:

Harder Faster       E9 6c    (1st ascent)
Meshuga              E9 6c    (5th ascent)
The Walk Of Life   E9 6c    (4th ascent)
Once Upon A Time In The South West    E9 6c (2nd ascent)
Something's Burning   E9 7a (1st ascent)
Gaia                    E8 6c
End Of The Affair  E8 6b
Obsession Fatale   E8 6c
San Simian          E8 6c    (1st ascent)
Ariel Song            E8 6c    (1st ascent)
Grey Area            E8 7a    (1st ascent)
Daddy Cool          E8 6b    (2nd ascent)
Apophenia            E8 6c    (2nd ascent)
Do You Know Where Your Children Are?  E8 6c  (3rd ascent)

Punks In The Gym 8b+
Tuppence 8b
Zona Zero 8b
Watermark 8b
Wallmarks 8b



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