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Ollie Torr

Climbing for: 9 years

Occupation: Coach - Lattice Training

Favourite bit of kit: Tenaya Oasi


After cutting a junior career in gymnastics short due to injury I attempted every adventure sport I could get involved with, this led me to climbing. I have played with many aspects of the sport, climbing on alpine big walls, Spanish sport routes and desert sandstone. Throughout this time I have always been most focussed on bouldering which allows me to become completely obsessed over performance whilst still enjoying days out with friends. My obsession with athletic performance led me into sport science and later coaching. Having coached a wide range of climbers and other athletes for several years, myself, Tom Randall and Remus Knowles have developed Lattice Training. I think we have created something really special between us and I am proud to be part of the geekiest, most scientific and passionate coaching set up I have ever known.

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Ollie.Tor     @lattictraining

Ollie Torr at Raven Torr

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