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Susie Chan,h_474,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/364f98_4cfd7688e550402485da37bd29a02542.jpg

Endurance Runner.

Q. A Brief history of your running career to date

I started running in 2010, to accompany my brother on a half marathon.. since stumbling over that first finish line I have gone on to run all sorts of races, from 1 mile to 100 miles.  My favourite races are marathons with my friends, and multi-stage ultra-marathons.

I’ve experienced all sorts of running ups and downs like many. I have an ever growing bucket list of races I would like to do.

My running goals are very often about race completion – I’m just winging it and enjoying myself.

Q. What is your greatest running-related accomplishment?

I think the Marathon des Sables in 2015. I went in with no expectation and just wanted to enjoy it. It seemed a lot easier the second time around. I finished in the top 10 ladies on the 98K long stage, and set off with the elites on the last day. It was one of those races where everything just came together.

Running Boston Marathon was also a huge goal for me, I kind of fell apart in the race itself, but the experience was just wonderful. Such a fantastic, historical iconic race.

Going sub 24 for the 100 miles was also a real highlight for me. On race day I spend hours wondering if it would happen… it finally did.

Q. What UD gear/Injinji products do you use?

I use the following:

Fastpack 20

PB Adventure vest

Jenny ultravesta

Access 20

Jurek Essential

Fastdraw Extreme 20

Injini OW mini Crew

Injinji Sports OW lifestyle

Injinji Compression ExCelerator

Q.  What is your favourite piece of UD Gear/Injinji product? And why?

Hard to choose as they all serve their own purpose well!

There is a place in my running for all the UD products. The PB vest is such a great all-rounder, it works on so many different distances as it is so versatile. My Fastpack 20 is superb for the run commute, it gets a lot of use, and was very comfortable  indeed in the desert. 

Injinji socks really do work. No blisters in the Mds or in my last 100 miler. I tend to go for the lightweight run socks.  I can’t really give them more recommendations than that!


Compared to the other ambassadors I’m dreadfully mediocre!!

Here are some highlights:

Toad Ultra 2013 -  3rd Lady

Ring O Fire Ultra marathon 2014 -  4th Lady

Pilgrims Ultra 2015 -  5th Lady

Huntsman Triathlon 2014 -  3rd Lady

Kielder Half Marathon 2015 -  3rd Lady

Marathon des Sables 2015 -  13th Lady

Race to the Stones 2014  - 10th Lady

Running Awards – Bronze Award  - Best blog

Marathon des Sables 2013 – Best Dressed (ha ha ha!!)

I’ll leave out all the small local races I manage to do OK in!!

EDITORS NOTE: Doesn't look feeble to me....

Upcoming Races

Centurion 50 mile Grandslam - 2016

Jungle Ultra – June 2016

New York Marathon  November 2016 (fingers crossed)