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Charlotte Warner  

I am a 16 year old sport-climber, boulderer and competition climber from Taunton in Somerset. I am currently studying for my GCSE’s and have an extended summer coming up with a few trips planned. I have been climbing for nearly 6 years, competing for 4 and climbing outdoors seriously for the past 6 months. I am also featured on the front cover of the NICAS book.




·         El Chocco (F7c) at Brean Down

·         Illusions Perdues Ou Burin Bourrin (F7b) at La Fosse Arthour

·         Clashing Socks (F7b) at Brean Down

·         Sophisticated (F7a+) (Onsight) at Cheddar Gorge North


 Redpointing 8a

 Onsighting 7b


·         1st Welsh Championships 2012

·         1st BMC Youth Climbing Series (Regional Round) 2013

·         1st Inter School Climbing Competition 2010

·         1st Inter School Climbing Competition 2011

·         2nd Welsh Championships 2011

·         4th British Youth Climbing Series 2013

·         4th British Summer Open Youth Event 2013



·         1st place at British Youth Climbing Series Final 2014

·         1st place overall at BMC Youth Climbing Series regional rounds 2014

·         Podium position at an Open Youth Event/British Team Trial

·         Become a member of the Great British Lead Climbing Team

·         F8a outdoors by the end of 2014 (I’m interested in trying The Cider Soak, Storm Warning Variation and Leather Whip Mick)

·         To finish Paciencia (V9) which I fell from the last move on my previous session, this will be the first female ascent

·         To start traditional climbing



·         Sport Climbing trip to Siurana in 2014

·         Sport Climbing trips around the UK; Malham Cove where I would love to try New Dawn and North Wales will be high in my priorities

·         Bouldering trips around the UK including Peak District, Dinas Rocks and Parisella’s Cave

·         I will be spending a lot more time at my local crags; Brean Down, Anstey’s Cove, Chedddar Gorge and Torbryan Quarry