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12th May '17

Want to work for us?

Beta Climbing Designs is a fast growing and developing UK distributor of climbing products, climbing holds and Ultra-running equipment based in Sheffield.
We are looking for a UK Sales Representative to join our Climbing Products Team.
2nd Nov '16

Beta Project Brush Launches...

Beta Project Brush Launches....


25th Oct '16

The Project Stick is coming...

Made in Sheffield, the Project Brush Stick is designed to be the perfect all-rounder, featuring an articulated head, extendable shaft, and a modular head that is compatible with a wide variety of brushes.


7th Jan '16

Katie Mundy - Before and After...

Last November we found out I was pregnant; definitely not expected so a pretty big surprise.  It’s not like we hadn’t been thinking about it, but just not quite yet...

22nd Dec '15

The Wide Boyz Are Back!!

With 2016 looming it looks like Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker are teaming back up. Wide Boyz IIII “The quadrilogy” has started…..

16th Dec '15

Mike Adams - To Helsby and Back

Mike Adams has been a busy man at Helsby near Liverpool the last month. Despite the very wet weather Mike added several new addition to the crag. Highlight ascents include the technical highball, Wonderland (7c) and the tough looking Will Farrell (8a)…….

11th Feb '15

On the Band Wagon or is it the Send Train

Last Thursday was not a nice day, super windy, cold and pretty wet, but I can be persuasive! I managed to convince Jamie and Nick that the crag would be dry and it would be fun. Oddly, they agreed. Drew (who now works for Beta Climbing Designs) was next on my list. He, of course, was meant to be at work but as he now supplies Snap Pads I somehow talked him into it being a product testing/photo day. It was game on!

11th Feb '15

The Big One Central Grooves

In mid-January after a slow, warm start to winter, Britain went into the freezer. Reports warned of bad weather and ice and told us to “please take care” - the perfect incentive for every adventurous climber to lose sleep, check conditions updates 4 times a day and plan trips north. Or is that just me?


4th Nov '14

Beards, Bagels and Big Walls

Check out the Wide Boyz Blog on Beards, Bagels and Big Walls
7th Jul '14

Dig Deep Ultra Tour of Peak District

We helped out and supported this years Dig Deep Ultra Tour of the Peak District with Injinji and Ultimate Direction. The race went like this....